Patient Wi-Fi

One of the comments made as a part of our patient feedback ‘Working Together for Change’ was that some patients who are currently staying with us would like to be able to access the internet via Wi-Fi. Many residents regardless of age or medical condition are avid users of the internet and in some cases rely on it for work purposes.

During a period of illness and hospitalisation Wi-Fi is a not a service normally available, leaving some people without access for several weeks, if you’re a business owner this could have major implications to your business and cause unnecessary anxiety and stress neither good for recovery from a serious illness. Following on from our commitment to the patient feedback model Working Together for Change and as a part of the organisations values of being solution focused, listening and learning, we contacted a local IT company and installed free Wi-Fi throughout the building.

Today we were able to see Wi-Fi in action Bob has not seen his sister for a few years, as Bob lives here in the UK and his sister lives in Australia.

They usually speak via Skype, since Bob became unwell and was admitted to hospital he has not been able to speak or see his sister until he came here to Spiral Health.

Now Bob and his wife Betty have shared their daily routine, each afternoon just before its bedtime in Australia they have a quick conversation with Bobs sister in Australia via Skype. Its something of a talking point across the unit, whilst the cool UK wind blows the rain on the windows here in Lancashire, it’s been another hot sunny day in Australia (some things are just not fair!)

It has to be said that this one patient feedback comment that was made felt like the tip of the proverbial iceberg, so many of our patients are now asking for access that we had to increase the speed and coverage of the Wi-Fi network and its still free to all patients and visitors. Working Together for Change has given Spiral Health this ability to meet the needs of the people we support. .