As a part of the Spiral Health Community Interest activities we have developed as a direct response to outbreaks in the community of stomach illness such as Norovirus, a new approach to teaching primary age children the benefits of maintaining health and hygiene though our program we have called “Healthy Hands- Healthy You”

The quality outcomes of Healthy Hands – Healthy You are:

  1. Children, their families and education or childcare staff will be more aware of role of effective hand washing in preventing the spread of norovirus and they will have the capabilities and skills to wash their hands well, linking to the National Curriculum.
  2. Children will understand the need to take responsibility for their own hygiene and understand the part it plays in their health and wellbeing.
  3. Schools and child care settings will stop experiencing severe outbreaks of norovirus and other infectious diseases spread by poor hand hygiene. Should cases begin in school or a child care setting, staff will have high quality resources to hand to reinforce the message.

We have currently supported two schools and one Beaver Scout Group teaching over 487 young children the benefits of good hand hygiene. .